Silo Arts and Meadow             Studio

431 4th St NW

Canton Oh


(330) 323-8615

   Silo Arts and Meadow Studio is a studio, gallery, and adult support facility for our individuals with developmental disabilities. We enroll candidates who show an interest towards independent living skills, health, wellness, being creative and artistic.

   We are located in the heart of the downtown Canton Arts District. We are hoping to encourage graduating developmentally disabled students and  adults with disabilities who have artistic talents and a focus for healthy independent living to join our young program. We offer a program tailored to individuals seeking to further explore their artistic talents and showcase their abilities to the community and the art world abroad, as well as finding balance in living a healthy and productive life.

   Silo Arts and Meadow Studio is a safe, welcoming environment, equipped with the tools and instructor knowledge to foster learning, growth, and creativity. Individuals will have full access to a variety of materials as well as their own preferred artistic media, and we have industry professionals on site to help guide our artists towards whatever creative path they desire to explore. We encourage inter-studio socialization as well as participating in community events happening in the lovely downtown Canton Arts District. We will have monthly gallery shows to showcase our artwork and allow our artists to share their pieces with our community.

   Our Studio is a full access studio space for our individuals to call their own. We have a beautiful gallery space in which to showcase our artists' studio work, and a large working studio space in which our artists are encouraged to experiment with media and explore new creative avenues. Our instructors and staff are trained to care for and nurture our individuals, and help provide direction, if needed, towards creative freedom. Our instructor's backgrounds in art education- ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, animation, and photography will allow our artists to explore different media they might not have tried before, to foster positive learning experiences.

   Silo Arts is looking to break the mold on Adult Day facilities by putting our artists first and asking them what "THEY" want to do, and then using that passion and interest to nurture their dreams into reality. We want our artists to be successful, feel proud of themselves and their work, and we offer the facility and instructors to make this possible. If you know an individual or graduating student you feel may benefit from our program, or if you would like to come tour our studio and gallery spaces, please contact us! We also have a Facebook page "@TheSiloArts", feel free to follow our events there or send us a Facebook message!

Thank you,

Shane Corn and Laura McAllister

Studio Managers