The Meadow is an Adult Day Support Service that provides training in holistic health and wellness.

Our Philosophy

The basis of our program is rooted in creating a culture of trust, compassion, community, empathy and acceptance. This provides a strong platform to help each individual identify their unique path of wellness while exploring many avenues we offer at the Meadow. Staff at The Meadow are trained in many fields of health and wellness and are passionate about bringing these skills into the program. What is it that fulfills you? When do you feel happy? Healthy? We can learn and find out together.

Our Hours are from 11-5PM Monday-Friday

Laura McAllister: Wellness Manager/Trainer

A native of Canton, Laura is starting this new venture after working in special education in Stark County. She has completed Yoga Teacher Training, is a certified Reiki therapist and is currently training to receive an additional YTT Certificate which will allow her to certify other yoga instructors. She is also a certified trainer in Healthy Lifestyles curriculum and spent 5 years traveling the midwest learning and working on biodynamic farms. Laura has a degree in Photography from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and plans to incorporate all of her knowledge into The Meadow program.

Sarah Donnelly: Coordinator

Sarah has over 8 years experience teaching in the public school system. During this time she had numerous opportunities to work with students with developmental disabilities. She stepped away from teaching in order to work with FAMILY Disabilities Services when the operation began in 2011. Sarah is working to complete Yoga Teacher Training, is a certified trainer in Healthy Lifestyles curriculum, and is a strong advocate for helping others achieve a fulfilling and happy life.

Todd Donnelly: CEO

Todd has been working with people with disabilities for more than 25 years. Todd received his Master's in Special Education and taught in OH and PA before taking over operations at Family Disability Services and The Farm.

All staff are certified through FDS and approved by The Ohio Department of Disabilities. The Meadow offers Non-Medical Transportation